Software Impact of Forchlorfenuron On Fruit Trees

Fruit Secure, fruit trees with out air pollution is The true secret to use drug. Prohibit back garden to employ very toxic, superior residue pesticides; encourage utilizing Organic pesticides and lower toxicity, minimal-residue pesticides, create pollution-free of charge protection fruits. Forchlorfenuron was also recognised Fengbao, rapid massive, and so forth. Forchlorfenuron is phenyl urea derivatives, with mobile division action. Can advertise mobile division, differentiation and expansion, boost protein and organ formation, has the outcome of improving crops and fruit trees resistance and anti-growing old.

Forchlorfenuron is definitely an economical plant advancement regulator, was initially designed by the United States and make sure their plant growth regulating purpose. Largely Employed in the food items and fruit creation, notably for grape, kiwi fruit has noticeably exercise, improve creation appreciably, some varieties can boost fifty% on the generate, the cell division exercise is 10 periods of benzyladenine, one hundred times on the four-pyridyl urea.

Forchlorfenuron useful function: promote fruit enlargement, Forchlorfenuron can significantly endorse the grapes, kiwi, cucumbers and various fruits and greens enlarging fruits, maximize crop yields. Encourage fruit set, forchlorfenuron boost the fruit set of fruits and veggies and a variety of fruits. For example used forchlorfenuron in grapes flowering or in advance of flowering can certainly promote bearing fruit, to fruit measurement is sort of no result or simply a slight influence; even though made use of following flowering can't endorse bearing fruit, but significantly market fruit enlargement. Forchlorfenuron can also induce callus formation. And the mobile proliferation rate is drastically higher than other plant progress regulating substances. Make improvements to fruit high quality, when forchlorfenuron advertising crop expansion can enhance the standard of agricultural items. Induce parthenocarpy, the outcome of forchlorfenuron induced parthenocarpy in watermelon, bitter gourd along with other crops were verified. Employed forchlorfenuron to cope with right before flowering, then develops into the absolutely stenospermocarpy; use forchlorfenuron to deal with soon after flowering, can promote fruit enlarging.

Some application crops and influence of forchlorfenuron, grapes: in grapes final flowering (in advance of physiological fruit drop), with three-8mg/L forchlorfenuron spray ear, helps to cut back on account of weak pollination, reduced temperature, rain, drought induced shattering, boost fruit established; after blossom fall 10-15 times, with five-15mg/L forchlorfenuron dip young fruit ear, is ready to accelerate the younger fruit enlargement, greater fruit pounds and one panicle excess Prevod teksta sa srpskog na engleski jezik weight. Cucumber: on bloom or ahead of flowering, with five-20mg/L Forchlorfenuron dipping or spraying to juvenile fruit can endorse young fruit advancement, early current market, Increase the generate and goods worth.

Use Forchlorfenuron need to Observe: Forchlorfenuron with bigger physiological activity, the employed concentrations way too significant can cause hollow fruit, deformities, cracking along with other Unintended effects, should be required to use the period, concentration, dosage and approach to use. Must be applied once it is blended, the Original use should really Prevod sa srpskog na engleski cena first test a little space, attain experience and then huge scale utilised. For even worse escalating, major pests and diseases plants, can't obtain the specified enhance output effect.

The forchlorfenuron treated website is tiny melon, not flowers Prevod sa srpskog na engleski or stems; uneven deal with tiny melon will type deformity melon; Preliminary use forchlorfenuron needs to be performed little-scale experiments or seek the advice of agricultural sector; drug liquid must use the moment it's blended, if spraying just after six hrs satisfy raining ought to be remedy; the use time need to be night or each morning; with artificial pollination will probably be better, but never recurring spray; when at large temperature can use reduce concentrations forchlorfenuron, at small temperature can use better concentrations, the concentrations can't be arbitrarily elevated, or It will likely be prone to bitter, hollow, deformed fruit and other phenomena; Forchlorfenuron must not combine putting with food stuff, seed, feed, will not Allow children and livestock contact it.

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